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Aquanorth Pumping and Irrigation Specialists cover Tamworth, the New England Region and the North West Plains. Aquanorth are experts in irrigation and pumps for domestic, rural and commercial applications, plus they stock a huge range of pools and spas for your home.

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Reinke Irrigators

The Reinke name is synonymous with centre pivots. Our design and materials add up to a system that is lighter weight, more efficient and longer-lasting than comparable systems.

We fabricate our systems with high strength materials to reduce weight and withstand many years of rigorous use in all types of field conditions. The result? Reduced stress on the drive train and minimal wheel tracks. Ownership and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Pivot Point Features

The Reinke pivot point is engineered to with-stand the stress and force exerted on it by the pivot system under all field conditions. The clean open design allows easy access to the controls while it provides a safer setting and simple access to other components requiring minimal maintenance. It can easily be retro-fitted to any substantial competitive pivot pad when the need to upgrade existing equipment is required.

Pivot Point Features
  1. Pivot Legs – The pivot legs utilise high-strength, 9-gauge, 60,000 psi yield, galvanised steel. The increased strength gained from the roll formed, C-channel design and the 8" wide x 3" x 1.25" cross section of the pivot legs, eliminates the need for cross bracing and provides easy access to all the components in the lower structure. The wider leg is attached to a large pivot foot by four grade 5, 5/8" bolts and then securely anchored to the pad with commercial grade, 1” bolts.
  2. Pivot Platform Steps – Heavy-duty perforated platform steps (not angle) can be mounted on one or more pivot legs and have been specifically designed for a comfortable and safe ascent. An optional walkway is available that provides easy access to all parts of the upper structure.
  3. Pivot Bearing – The 18" long bearing made from 1/4" thick close fit tubing is cradled within eight strategically placed gussets eliminating any distortion so the bearing can run “free”without sticking or binding. A single lip or the optional (low pressure) triple lip pivot gasket seals against a stainless steel surface to optimise gasket life and provide an excellent seal.
  4. Pivot Flex Joint – The multi-directional pivot flex joint, connected above the pivot bearing to a full diameter long sweep top elbow, is standard on all Reinke systems. The pivot flex joint is designed to minimise the stress exerted on the pivot bearing and structure.
  5. Pivot Riser – The riser pipe, below the pivot bearing, is available in two different heights to accommodate inlet hook-ups. The long sweep bottom elbow provides a friction reducing passage of flow to the system and is offered in a variety of options (plain, SAE flange, and ring-lock coupler ends). Several filter options can be used in place of the bottom elbows that mate with the riser and the inlet pipe.
  6. Collector Reel – The collector reel has a corrosion resistant, aluminium housing to provide years of reliable service. The top is domed to direct any condensation to the sides and down instead of dripping onto the electrical contacts providing extended years of trouble free service.

Quality workmanship and advanced design are evident throughout the entire pivot structure, and especially in our unique pivot design.

  1. 8" or 10" riser pipe available, with eye level pressure gauge
  2. Friction reducing sweep elbow
  3. Legs: Durable 8" x 3" roll-formed C-channel leg
  4. High strength 18" pivot centre bearing
  5. Easy, adjustable cam ring or cam plate is available for precise control of end guns, auto stop or reverse controls
  6. Corrosion resistant powder coated aluminium main control panel
  7. Stress relieving pivot flex joint standard on every pivot system
  8. Corrosion resistant aluminium collector reel
  9. Riser gasket seats against stainless steel surface for positive, long-lasting seal*
  10. Adjustable main control panel mount
  11. Friction reducing sweep bottom elbow
  12. Optional pivot centre walkway

*Optional triple lip seals are available on low pressure installations.

Cam plate style attachment at the pivot centre shown inset.

Unique Reinke Pivot Design


We offer five types of water pipe and several different diameters to accommodate varying water conditions. No other manufacturer offers as many choices.


The corrosive nature of your water, field size, terrain and soil type all have an impact on the material and diameter of the pipe in your system. Reinke offers more choices for a system that lasts longer, performs better, costs less to maintain and is backed by an industry exclusive 5 Year Structural Warranty.

For more than 40 years, we have offered the widest variety of pipe materials in the industry. Back that with the experience and know-how to determine where best to use them and the result is a long-lasting, efficient system.

Pipe Sizes

* Specifically designed for smaller fields, the strength and light weight of the Minigator E2045 means serious business. Originally introduced back in 1971, the Minigator returns with all the quality and features of its renown big brother, the Electrogator II. The Minigator utilises 4.5 inch diameter water pipe in span lengths of 118 to 175 feet and can easily irrigate small fields up to 60 acres or more.

5 Types of Pipes

  • Galvanised Steel – Good corrosion protection under most conditions.
  • Stainless Steel – Recommended for extreme high or low pH values. Also good for water conditions that vary considerably, such as food processing effluent.
  • Corrosion Resistant Nickel+ – Good protection from moderately aggressive water, farm chemicals. (Offered with a painted interior/exterior or it too can be galvanised.)
  • Aluminium – Good choice for livestock and processed water applications.
  • Poly-Lined – Excellent cost-effective option for processed water or water that has a low pH.

Reinke’s new and improved poly-lined pipe is now available in 6 5/8” galvanised pipe. The high density 3/16” polyethylene liner is constructed from virgin materials and not from recycled product. Each sprinkler outlet is equipped with a heavy duty ¾” glass-reinforced, nylon coupler spaced 57” apart for maximum uniformity of application. The added strength provided by the ¾” coupler allows the use of ¾” PVC drops or hose drops using standard ¾” PVC U-pipes or the 125 degree goosenecks with hose slings.


Reinke's single-leg tower is a roll formed, 9-gauge (7-gauge optional), C-channel measuring 8" x 3" x 1.25" with 60,000 psi yield strength. These legs are attached to the trussing with a 3" stiffener made of galvanised tubing. These high-strength materials require no additional bracing at the tower and provide a narrower profile which reduces the contact with taller crops as well as reduces the interference of the sprinkler stream.

Pipe Tower Assembly

  1. Enclosed inside metal-flange-to-metal-flange connections, Reinke’s exclusive V-ring seal provides a long lasting, positive seal that creates no flow restriction and eliminates potential UV damage to the seal.
V Ring
  1. Unique flex coupling design allows Reinke water pipe to be interchangeable. No special tower pipe required
Flex Coupling
  1. The internal flex joint is a critical part of the flexibility and strength of a Reinke System. Three axis flexibility with centre line rotation reduces structural stress and extends boot life.
Flex Join
  1. Unique parallel linkage provides precise alignment.
Parallel Linkage
  1. 3" OD galvanised tower stiffeners transmit loads uniformly to the under truss, not to the pipeline.

Friction Loss Comparison

As can be seen from the charts below, completed with information from a Clemson University Study, the Reinke Internal Flex Joint produces minimal loss (approximately 1 psi with 800 gpm, on a 1300', 8 tower system) regardless of field conditions. The external ball-hitch coupler (in the chart below right) will generate approximately half to four times more loss, due to its design and operation on rolling terrain.

  Reinke Internal Flex Joint

Reinke Internal Flex Joint

  External Ball Hitch Coupler

External Ball Hitch Coupler


When conditions demand the flexibility that a towable system delivers, Reinke can meet your needs with a broad selection of towable options. The original 2-wheel Kwik Tow pivot sets the standard for small field towable pivot systems. The 4-wheel pivot mover is unique in its ability to quickly adapt to movement in any direction. Wheel hubs are mounted on base beams and can be quickly swivelled 90 degrees. The quick hitch can be moved to any side for directional towing. The specially designed Reinke TNT (Tow, Non-Tow) gearbox is used on all Reinke towable systems. Our optional Reverse Tow steering linkage allows towable machines to be towed from either the pivot centre or the end tower.

Drive Train

The Reinke centre drive is engineered to give you years of trouble-free service. Its high efficiency gear motor delivers exceptional torque to propel your system over the roughest terrain and difficult soil conditions.

Tower Assembly

Our unique single-leg tower is the best in the industry. Engineered to absorb stress that would normally be transferred to the pipeline, our tower design maximises system life and reduces component fatigue – which means less wear and tear on the system, and less maintenance and ownership costs for you.

End Boom

End Boom

End Booms are available in several lengths (3', 13', 23', 32', 42', 51', 61', 85' and 105'). Truss rods and inverted truss supports provide the primary support for strength and stability. The 6" sand trap and control box, for the optional booster pump, are located near the tower for ease of servicing. The booster pump itself is located at the end gun for maximum efficiency.

Bauer Irrigators


Since 1930, the Austrian BAUER company has been synonymous with perfection in irrigation systems.
More than 70 years of experience ensure that our irrigation systems meet the varied demands required on all five continents.
Innovative developments, the application of leading edge production technologies and our customer-oriented planning and consulting add up to systems that perfectly fulfil all tasks in modern, economically optimised agriculture.
The economical use of water, energy and time as well as the unique flexibility of BAUER systems, make BAUER an internationally renowned irrigation expert.
Be it individual farms or large agricultural projects: irrigation systems by BAUER are first choice for those who place the utmost demand on reliable, stable systems and comprehensive service and consulting.

Aquanorth and BAUER Irrigation Systems will provide you with the correct model for every situation.    

Bauer Rainstar

Bauer Rainstar

The compact hose reel irrigators, most talented and economic

  • BAUER RAINSTAR - matching each shape and size of terrain
  • Cost and energy saving irrigation - easy handling - high operating security for long years
  • Superior quality - long years of experience in the manufacture of irrigators - particularly interesting price-performance ratio  
  • Entirely galvanized hose reel - long-lasting corrosion protection for the whole steel construction
  • Modern design - ergonomic center with unfolding solar panel and irrigation computer
  • New radial full-stream turbine TVR 20 und TVR 60 - higher performance range, lower pressure losses

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation, micro-irrigation or localised irrigation, is an irrigation method which saves water and fertiliser by allowing water to trip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. It is done with the help of tubes which deliver water directly to the bottom of the plant.

Drip irrigation is used by farms, commercial greenhouses and residential gardeners. Drip irrigation for garden available in drip kits are popular for the home owner and consist of a timer, hose and emitter. Hoses that are 4mm in diameter are used to irrigate flower pots.

Advantages of using drip irrigation

  • Minimised fertiliser/nutrient loss due to localised application and reducing leaching
  • High water application efficiency
  • Levelling of the field not necessary
  • Ability to irrigate irregular shaped fields
  • Allows safe use of recycled water
  • Moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity
  • Minimised soil erosion and weed growth
  • Lower labour cost
  • Aquanorth supplies dripline from TORO and PPI

TORO Drip Line Irrigation

Subsurface Drip System for Residential, Commercial & Golf Course Applications.

Drip-In™ PC with Rootguard® is the most technologically advanced subsurface irrigation system available. Through revolutionary, non-toxic Rootguard technology, Drip-In PC with Rootguard delivers optimal water application directly
to the root zone while impeding roots from clogging the emitters. Drip-In PC with Rootguard is perfect for lawns, shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas, sports fields, corporate gardens, car yards, parking islands and vandal prone areas. Drip-In PC with Rootguard is also a solution for golf course applications including bunker edges, bunker tongues, tees and greens.


  • More efficient water usage.
  • Greater application uniformity.
  • No run, overspray or evaporation.
  • Reduced weed growth.
  • Healthier plants.
  • Less pest and vandal damage.
  • No irrigation down-time
  • (Area can be used all day, every day)
Toro Drip Eze


Aquanorth Pumping and Irrigation stocks and supplies a wide range of filters suitable for rural, irrigation, domestic and commercial filtration.

Philmac has an impressive range of compact filters for filtration applications. The filters are available with disk, screen or hydrocyclone screen elements and work to a maximum operating pressure of 800kPa (1-1/2" and 2").

Toro Ag's range of filtration equipment is the most extensive available today and can be designed to filter water from all sources.

The range includes sand media, suction scanner, hydrocyclone, screen and disc filters with a full range of accessories available to complete any full filtration system.

Plastic Filters

Plastic screen filters are ideal for the smaller drip and micro sprinkler systems with flows up to 15m3/hr. They are available in sizes 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm. Available in 150 mesh / 100 micron screen. Maximum pressure rating 1000 kPa.

Plastic Disc Filters are ideal for smaller drip and micro sprinkler systems with flows up to 7m3/hr. Sizes available are 25mm and 40 mm. Available in 150 mesh / 100 micron discs. Maximum operating pressure 1000 kPa.

Plastic In-Line Screen Filters are available in three sizes, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm. Their maximum working pressure is 300kPa.

Plastic Filters

Media Filters

Toro media filters are vertical epoxy coated carbon steel tanks, with a maximum pressure rating of 800kPa. They are designed for use in large commercial irrigation or industrial applications, where a high level of quality filtration is required.

Tanks are available in sizes 300, 400, 500, 635, 760, 900 and 1220 mm diameter.

They are also available in Grade 304 Stainless Steel, pressure rating to 1000 kPa.

Suitable for use with sand, gravel or a combination of both media.

Toro Sub-surface drip irrigation

Sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI) is the placement of permanent drip tape (trickle) below the soil surface, usually at a depth of between 20 and 40 cm. Emitters along this drip tape emit water during irrigation. A range of crops have been successfully grown with SDI, including cotton, cucurbits, lucerne, maize, mungbeans, navy beans, sorghum and wheat.


  • More efficient water usage. 
  • Greater application uniformity. 
  • No run-off, overspray or evaporation. 
  • Reduced weed growth. 
  • Healthier plants. 
  • Less pest and vandal damage. 
  • Area can be used whilst irrigating. 
  • Reduced pumping costs. 
  • Controlled application of tertiary treated water. 
  • Continuous protection for 10 years plus, with or without water in the tube.

TORO’s SDI with Rootguard is suited to the irrigation of lawns, shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas, sports fields, corporate gardens, car parks and vandal prone areas. SDI with Rootguard is also a solution for golf course applications including bunker edges, bunker tongues, tees and greens.

How it Works

Toro SDI with Rootguard features patented, Rootguard technology, which prevents roots from clogging irrigation emitters. The pre-emergent, TREFLAN®, is impregnated into the emitter during the moulding process and requires no maintenance. There are no filters to change and no chemically treated disks to handle, making it one of the safest subsurface systems on the market. 

Once SDI with Rootguard is installed in the ground, the slow release of TREFLAN® creates a continuous barrier around the emitter. Roots are directed away from the emitter opening, ensuring optimal water application.


(Kapillary Irrigation Sub Surface Systems)

The KISSS WRAP system:

  • Is 4cm in width.
  • Designed for flexibility in undulating lawns and gardens.
  • Installed at 60-80cm spacing, subject to soil type.
  • Can be installed with narrow trenching or conventional pipe laying plough Flat
  • Is 10cm in width.
  • Best suited for flat areas to moderate slopes such as sports fields and large lawns.
  • Installed at 60-100cm spacing subject to soil type in turf.
  • Has a base layer of polyethylene designed to minimise the amount of water lost through downward drainage.
  • Can be installed by trenching or specially designed plough.
KISSS Wrap System