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Aquanorth Pumping and Irrigation Specialists cover Tamworth, the New England Region and the North West Plains. Aquanorth are experts in irrigation and pumps for domestic, rural and commercial applications, plus they stock a huge range of pools and spas for your home.

Aquanorth - Pumps

Aquanorth stocks a wide range of pumps in store. Ranging from domestic, commercial and farm use. We also supply pool and spa pumps.

Aquanorth also stocks a wide range of spare parts. If its not on our shelf we can get it in for you.

A few of the pumps we supply are listed below, if the pump you are searching for is not on this list, please contact us and we will be happy to provide information to you.

We also offer competitive pricing, if you can show us a lower price we will beat it by 5%. *See in store for terms and conditions.

Agricultural Application

ONGA MiniBlaze MB25L
What is MiniBlaze?

The MiniBlaze is more than a small capacity fire pump. Ideally for Water transfer on farms where isolation from electrical power prevents an electric pump being used, stock water, ute packs and portable spray units, the MiniBlaze has it covered.
The MiniBlaze is equally at home providing plumbers and tradesman to evacuate water form work sites. From the handyman to river camp sites, the versatility for application of the MiniBlaze is endless.

The MiniBlaze is more than a small capacity fire pump. Ideally for Water transfer on farms where isolation from electrical power prevents an electric pump being used, stock water, ute packs and portable spray units, the MiniBlaze has it covered.
The MiniBlaze is equally at home providing plumbers and tradesman to evacuate water form work sites. From the handyman to river camp sites, the versatility for application of the MiniBlaze is endless.

Onga Miniblaze Pump

ONGA Blazemaster Single Stage Pump

The Onga Blazemaster is a single-stage pump designed to move more water, more economically. They make ideal all-purpose workhorses and are available in a wide range of petrol, diesel, recoil and electric start engines.

Typical applications include: 
fire fighting, tank filling, water transfer, boom spraying, irrigation and traveling irrigators.

ONGA Blazemaster Twin Engine Drive Pump
The Onga Blazemaster Twin series are dual-impeller pumps designed to give you more pressure while delivering more water than other brands: push water further, pump it higher and fight fires from a safer distance. For easy recognition, Blazemaster Twin models are silver in colour.

Typical applications include: 
fire fighting, tank filling, water transfer, boom spraying, irrigation and travelling irrigators.

2 year warranty

Davey Firefighter with Honda Motor

Rugged economical twin impeller self priming pump. These units are driven by a 5.5hp Honda GX160 engine or a 6.5hp Honda GX200 engine. The GX200 engine is also available in electric start.


  • Fire fighting
  • Tanker to tanker water transfer
  • High head general water transfer
  • Sheep jetting
  • Irrigation
  • Boom Spraying

Features and Benefits
Twin impeller design provides extra strong pressure for longer and higher pumping applications. Thrust balanced impeller design to extend engine life.

Polyester coated pump casing, exterior and interior, for added corrosion resistance. Low-oil priming protection on all models – engines wont start or run if oil level is inadequate, thus protecting your engine.

Operating Limits

Flows to 400 lpm
Maximum Total Head 106 m
Maximum Suction Lifts             7 m
Inlet Size 1 ½ ” BSP (M)
Outlet Size 2 x 1 ½ ” BSP (M) or 2 x 1” BSP (M)

Davey Firefighter with Honda Motor

Commercial Application

Grundfos Hydro MPC Booster Pump Set

As standard. Hydro MPC booster sets consist of two to six identical CRI(E)/CR(E) pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame provided with a control cabinet and all the necessary fittings.

HYDRO MPC Booster sets are supplied as complete, pre-assembled and thoroughly tested booster sets ready to install.

Hydro MPC booster sets are divided into seven groups based on control variants.

Hydro MPC’s outstanding reliability and efficiency is the best possible base for our booster systems. Equipped with the intelligent CU 351 controller, the Hydro MPC boosters offer an even higher efficiency and reduced energy costs. The end result is complete control, optimum flexibility of booster output, and unbeatable efficiency at all times.

Hydro MPC booster sets are fitted with hygienic designed manifolds.

Water Supply

Grundfos Hydro MPC Boosters are ideal for mains water supply systems and for pressure boosting in multi-storey buildings. The needs for water in multi storey buildings vary a lot during the day – this demands much from the equipments used. With Grundfos booster system, it is easy to provide optimum user comfort by maintaining constant water pressure at all levels and at all times.


Industries can also benefit greatly from a booster solution from Grundfos. If you require constant pressure in the face of highly variable flows, Grundfos has the solution. Even the most demanding applications will benefit from the accuracy and advanced pump control in a Grundfos Hydro MPC booster.


A Grundfos Hydro MPC booster system can help conserve water and optimise crop yields by responding to pre-set minimum and maximum levels. Grundfos Hydro MPC is lenient on the pipe net in golf course irrigation systems and adapts the performance automatically to any number of sprinklers at any pressure zone during the irrigation cycle. It is benefits like these that make Grundfos the perfect choice for irrigation systems.

Domestic Application

Farm Pressure Pump

ONGA Range

Onga’s cast iron Farmmaster series of pumps are engineered for ultimate reliability and performance. These pumps give outstanding performance in almost any situation – whatever you need to do with water, you can’t beat an Onga Farmmaster. With cast iron construction and precision engineered internals, Farmmaster pumps are built tough to last in demanding conditions.

These strong and versatile pumps can be tailored to your particular needs, using interchangeable internal components delivering you the efficiency you demand. You don’t have to compromise – Farmmaster pumps adapt to your needs.


Stock watering, irrigation and water transfer from dams, creeks, wells and bores

The Farmmaster OJ series are the flagship of the Onga range, offering performance, efficiency and reliability in a solid cast iron casing. These pumps have evolved with the needs of Australian farmers and landowners since Onga’s beginnings in 1967. They have benefited from over 35 years of outstanding pump engineering.

The OJ range perform reliably in almost any situation – whatever you need to do with water, you can rely on an Onga OJ. They are perfect for drawing water from any convenient source and taking it where you need it. Their tall design means that the impeller is never operating in air, so priming is never a problem.

OJ pumps equipped with deep well injectors can handle suction lifts down to 49 metres. Strong cast iron construction, industrial spec motors, and precision-moulded components work together to provide a rugged and reliable pump for your important applications.


Shallow Well
Onga offers a range of 19 shallow well injectors to adapt the JJ and OJ range to your pressure and flow requirements.

Deep Well
Along with the range of shallow well injectors are 23 deep well injectors for lifts greater than 7.6 metres.

Onga Range

ONGA JJ Series

The Farmmaster “Junior Jet” JJ range are compact and efficient pumps.  Constructed in cast iron with precision-moulded hydraulic components, they are built for many years of hard work. For those looking for a household pump for a large home, the JJ400 or JJ600 can provide strong pressure throughout.

The JJ range can also be equipped with deep well injectors which are ideal for supplying water from sources where the suction lift is greater than 7.6 metres. In fact, they can be set up to draw water from any source down to 40 metres. If your source changes, the JJ range can easily be converted between shallow well and deep well applications – there is no need to buy another pump

Onga JJ Series


  • High efficiency moulded impellers 
  • Coated cast iron construction
  • Adaptability
  • Long suction possible 
  • TEFC industrial motor 


  • Lower running costs high performance
  • Ultimate strength and longevity
  • Can be engineered to fit almost any situation
  • Take water from any source
  • Reliable and efficient drive

Davey Water Surface Mounted Deep Well Pumps

For suction depths up to 50 metres.

The Davey range of quality deep well pumps and pressures systems is ideal for handling suction lifts beyond 7.5 metres.

By submerging the jet and venturi down the bore, flows can be provided from as deep as 50 metres. To make installation and servicing easier, the pump is conveniently installed at ground level.

The 95D, 125D, 165D and Prime Jet 240 models are able to retrieve water from depths to 50 metres and can produce flows up to 194 lpm from shallower depths.

The 95D, 125D, 165D models feature a unique pump casing cast in marine grade aluminium, lined with a strong engineering plastic to ensure extremely high corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand the harsh operating conditions often encounted in pumping water from bores, wells, etc. The powerful Prime Jet 240 is made of cast iron to cater for higher operating pressures.

Davey deep well pumps are fitted with the Davey automatic demand response valve to ensure peak performance at all times and to help protect against loss of prime.

Davey deep well systems can also be installed in horizontally to offset situations to draw water from distant dams, rivers, etc. This allows the pump to be mounted away from the source f water to gain access to power or in places where there is the possibility of flooding.

Pool Pumps and Filters

Onga Leisuretime

The Onga Leisure Time pool pumps have been purposefully designed to provide maximum performance and corrosion resistance at a realistic cost.

Ideal for small to medium domestic swimming pools.


  • Swimming pools from 20,000 litres and up to 90,000 litres
  • Solar Heating circuits
  • Above ground pools


  • IP55 (TEFC) motor
  • Electrical Approvals
  • Elevated motor foot
  • Double coated endshield
  • Large hair & lint pot with see through lid
  • Low friction lint pot o-ring
Onga Leisuretime Pump

Onga Pantera

The Onga Pantera pool pumps have been specifically designed to incorporate features that will provide reliable and efficient pump operation.

The new technology wet end design integrates a unique moulded end-shield cover and lip seal protecting the motor from water damage making this range ideal for in-ground or above ground pools.


  • Quality in ground pool installations
  • Above ground pools


  • 5 levels of corrosion resistance
  • Elevated motor foot
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Extra large hair and lint pot with see through lid
  • Low friction lint pot o-ring
  • Self aligning barrel unions
  • Electrical Approvals

Onga Silentflow

Onga SilentFlo is the swimming pool pump for high quality pool installations. With its industry leading efficiency, it lowers the total cost of pool ownership, while extremely low noise levels improves your outdoor living.

The SilentFlo benefits from being moulded from a proprietary thermoplastic, reinforced with glass fibres to give ultimate strength. Each pump in the range has a motor with a high protection rating and is underloaded for long life.  
Strength, long life and efficiency all keep the costs of being a pool owner down. And, even better, low noise means you can run this pump at night without angry neighbours. 


  • Pools from 20,000 litres up to 130,000 litres 
  • High quality Pools where quiet operation is a must 
  • Pools where high efficiency is required.
Onga Silentflow Pump

Onga Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro

For the disconcerning buyer who does not want to sacrifice quality of performance, the Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro range of pool pumps set the standard. This pump series was designed to make sure your pool setting is all about fun and relaxation - not the equipment that runs it.

The heavy duty motor is specifically designed to offer extended life and quiet operation. The pump end is precision moulded from industrial grade materials for corrosion resistance. The impeller is deisigned for high efficiency providing economical running costs.

Performance, quality, designed to last, these are the features you want and the Max-E-Pro delivers.
The Max-E-Pro is ideally suited to swimming pools, swim spas and pools with in-floor cleaning systems.


  • High end swimming pools
  • Swim spa
  • Pools with In-floor cleaning systems


  • Quiet Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Elevated Motor
  • Stainless Steel Motor Shaft
  • Quick-Lock Lid, with permanently lubricated o-ring
  • Intergrated 50mm Barrell Unions
  • Thermoplastic Casing & Internals
  • Electrical Approvals

Davey Silensor Series - Super Quiet Energy Efficient Pumps

Daveys water silenced pool pumps offer super quiet operation with high efficiency, making them the ideal choice for modern swimming pools.

  • Super Quiet
  • Long lasting
  • Cost saving
  • Dependable
  • Performance
  • Convenient

Davey Power Master - High Flow pumps for large pools

Daveys premium PowerMaster range is specifically fdesigned to circulate swimming pool water and is also ideal for in floor cleaning systems and aquaculture applications.

Rainwater Harvesting

ONGA Water Switch System

Over the past 40 years Australia’s leading brand in water products - Onga™ has offered a wide range of pumps, controls and accessories to provide the best possible solution in household pressure for rural and urban environments. 
Targeted for the residential (low flow) market, Waterswitch is designed with two imperatives ;  prioritize the use of rainwater all year round to facilitate the conservation of mains water and ensure consumers have a reliable water supply for necessity water demands. Through the harvesting of rainwater, consumers can reduce their consumption of mains water, assist in sustaining our water resources and save money on their water bills.

How does WaterSwitch work?

WaterSwitch is a fully automatic device that has the ability to detect the level of water inside the tank o it can ensure a seamless supply of water to the home without interruption. When the tank is filled during rainfall, the WaterSwitch detects the level of water in the tank rising off the bottom, and automatically diverts demand on the system to be supplied with the available rainwater. When the water level in the tanks falls below a specified level, the WaterSwitch seamlessly switches all demands on the system over to main water temporarily, to ensure that supply is not interrupted. 

This ensure that supply of water is never interrupted and that you are maximizing the use of rainwater therefore maximizing your savings.

Unique WaterSwitch Benefits


  • High Flow Design
  • LED Indication
  • High Pressure
  • Positive Selection
  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic Operation


  • Can be used for garden watering or multiple uses
  • Lets you know where your water is coming from
  • Can be used with sprinklers and two storey homes
  • Will no provide a mixture of both sources of water
  • Mounts easily to any Onga Pump - no electrician required. Quick plumbing job
  • No need to check tank levels or adjust valves

The Onga WaterSwitch is also compliant to the latest WaterMark approval laws so you can be sure that this product has been independently tested and certified for your satisfaction.

All this on top of a vast range of package options to suit almost any application, makes the Onga WaterSwitch simply the best solution for urban rainwater management.


The SMH is the premium above ground pump for urban rain water applications. With a quiet, efficient operation, high pressure and extremely strong construction, this pump is durable in both urban and rural environments. The exclusive Dry Run Over Temperature Protection system adds to the durability by preventing costly pump damage through dry running. Coupled with the WaterSwitch the SMHW range provides a premium automatic rainwater control system that is second to none in this application.

Broad Range of urban water applications where low noise and efficiency are the key decision factors.

Davey Rain Bank

Rainbank is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting. RainBank controls the water supply for toilet and laundry applications by automatically selecting the water source with rainwater being the priority and mains water the back up.

Rainbank can save up to 40% of a households drinking quality water which is normally used in these applications, helping conserve precious water reserves.

Rainbank is available as a kit with a range of dependable Davey pumps to suit a wide range of homes and applications. 'S' kits have submersible pumps that are ideal for running in the tank to eliminate noise.

Davey Rain Bank Pump

Small Pressure Pumps

The Grundfos JP Rain series

Ideal for one or multiple tap outlets to your garden, toilet and laundry the Grundfos JP Rain offers a reliable solution to help you utilise your collected rainwater in the best possible way.


  • Self priming from bore and rainwater tank
  • Strong Suction Capacity
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Built in thermal protection
  • Suitable for above or underground water tanks
  • Handles small impurities with ease

JP Rain without any automatic controllers will operate manually by switching the pump on and off at the power point.

  • JP Rain 2 40LPM @ 200KPA
  • JP Rain 3 60LPM @ 200KPA
Grundfos JP Rain Series

GRUNDFOS CH Horizontal multistage end-suction pumps

The Grundfos CH2-30PC pressure pump carries all the features you would expect from such a high quality product including a two year warranty. It has stainless steel and carbon component.


  • The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in 
  • Pressure boosting systems 
  • Domestic water supply systems 
  • Cooling systems 
  • Air-conditioning systems 
  • Horticultural irrigation systems 
  • Small industrial water supply systems

Features and benefits

  • Compact design 
  • Robust design 
  • Low-noise

Technical data

  • Flow (Q) max. 14 m³/h 
  • Head (H) max. 56 m 
  • Liquid temperature 0 .. 90 °C


  • Booster sets for domestic water supply 
  • Automatic start/stop when equipped with Presscontrol
Grundfos CH Horizontal

ONGA Household Water Pressure Systems


The JM100 is an all-moulded pressure system delivered with an AP10 pressure tank. This is an economical household pressure system incorporating all the usual Onga performance and reliability features. The suction inlet is high on the pump body, enhancing self priming and air handling ability, while the totally enclosed, fan cooled motor gives years of quiet and reliable operation.

Ideal for automatic domestic water pressure systems and high suction lift situations.

Onga JM100

JSK Range

The JSK range of pressure systems includes three pump and tank combinations to suit almost any home. The JS range of pumps features a strong stainless steel pump casing, with precision moulded internals. As with the JM100, the suction inlet is set high on the pump body to enchance self priming and air handling ability.

Ideal for automatic domestic water pressure systems, and high suction lift situations.

JSP Range

Equipped with Presscontrol electronic pressure control, the JSP range is designed for situations requiring strong, constant pressure. These pumps also have stainless steel casing and precision - moulded internals.

Ideal for automatic, constant pressure household water supply especially with high suction lift.

Multistage automatic pressure Systems

SMHP Range

The SMHP range provides solutions for average sized homes right up to the largest applications. With a highly efficient and super quiet design, SMHP pressure systems are the perfect match for your rainwater tank. The exclusive Dry Run Operationg Protection (D.R.O.P.) system prevents costly pump damage. Constructed of engineered plastics and stainless steel, these pumps are made to last and last.

This is the perfect household pressure pump. Coupled with Presscontrol, these pumps give you a fantastic shower, without the annoying pressure and temperature fluctuations.

Stainless steel motor shaft & pump casing
Precision-moulded components
Stainless steel pump foot
Constant Pressure
Loss of prime protection

SSHP Range

The SSHP range offers the strongest contruction available, using stainless steel and cast iron throughout. They are compact and extremely quiet. Coupled with Presscontrol, these pumps provide stong constant pressure fluctuations. Your pump is also protected from loss of prime.

For thoise who want the toughest household pressure pump out there - this is the one

Stainless steel casing, components, motor shaft & foot
Cast iron suction & discharge

Davey Jet Pumps Home Pressure Systems

For many years, Davey jet assisted centrifugal home pressure systems have been the benchmark for reliable household pressure. Jet pumps are an excellent and robust choice, especially for smaller systems up to 35 litres per minute or for larger systemswith long suction lines or suction lifts.

Davey jet pumps have excellent wear resistance and air handling ability, contributing to their well earned reputation for reliability.

Davey HP Horizontal Multistage Systems with Torrium

Daveys latest and most compact systems really pack a performance punch. Utilising Daveys patented floating neck ring system, the new HP models offer outstanding performance with whisper quiet operation.

Coupled with the Torrium controller the complete system offers strong even pressure, whether its one shower or multiple outlets at once.

These systems are easy ti install with the convenience of the 360D rotatable Torrium mounting flange and union. The HP range will provide you with years of comfortable and dependable water pressure.

Davey HS Horizontal Multistage Systems with Torrium

Daveys HS systems have established a name for powerful yet quiet performancer, and they are available with the famous Torrium controller. HS models provide even higher pressures the the HP models, making the ideal for installation on multi storey homes or where the pump may be some distance from the dwelling.

HS models feature specially designed pump end components to provide outstanding performance coupled with low power consumption and noise output.

Davey HM Series Horizontal Multistage Pressure Systems

For larger systems requiring higher flow or pressure, or where the preference is for all stainless steel pump components, inside and outside, Davey HM Series pressure systems are the answer. Control systems include a Torrium controller for anti cycling operation and protection against dry running, with extra tank requirement or as a standard pressure switch and tank operation.

Sump Pumps

Grundfos Unilift CC

Unilift CC are multi purpose submersible drainage pumps designed to handle clean water, groundwater and grey wastewater with particles up to 10mm. 
It must be completely or partly submerged in the liquid.


  • Low suction ability - down to 3mm when the strainer is removed
  • Self venting valve in the pump allows optimal operation
  • Adaptor for easy connection and non return valve included
  • Easy float switch adjustment to control start/stop levels
  • Ceramic shaft seal with triple seals for efficient motor protection
  • Includes built in thermal overload protection


  • Composite and stainless steel materials
  • Robust stainless steel strainer which allows free passage for particles up to 10mm
  • Ceramic seal
  • IP68 motor, Class B
Grundfos Unilift CC

Grundfos Unilift KP/AP12


KP andj Ap12 pumps are portable, multipurpose, submersible stainless steel pumps, for the transfer of clear, non aggressive water, slightly soiled water and wastewater.
These pumps work equally well automatically and manually and are designed for either fixed installation of mobile use.

  • Lifting wastewater from washing machines, showers, wash basins, located below the drain pipe
  • Drainage of flooded cellars, sumps etc
  • Drainage or filling if swimming pools or tanks
  • Transfer of liquids in agriculture, horticulture and industry
  • Pumping water from shallow wells


  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Wide range, with automatic and manual versions. KP available with standard floar or a vertical float
  • Easy maintanence of the strainer and power/float cable


  • Semi-open impeller
  • IP68 motor

Grundfos Unilift AP35/AP50


The AP35 and AP50 pumps are submersible pumps, specially designed for pumping wastewater and domestic sewage or any other non-aggressive liquid containing solid matter up to 50mm.
They can be used as a fixed or mobile installation, vertically or horizontally (discharge outlet facing up).

  • Lifting domestic wastewater from washing machines, toilets etc
  • Draining sumps
  • Agricultural and industrial transfer of liquids


  • Single phase models supplied with float switch
  • Motor cooling provided in all conditrions by cooling jacket
  • Solid handling capacity: 35mm for AP35 and 50mm for AP50
  • Easy service of power cable and float
  • Pumped liquid temperature up to 70C for limited operating period (2 minutes per 30 minute period)

Grundfos Unlift AP35B/AP50B


The AP35B and AP50B submersible pumps are specially designed for lifting domestic sewage or any other non-aggressive liquid containing solid matter up to 50mm. They can be installed vertically or horizontally.


  • Single phase models supplied with float switch and standard electric plug
  • Auto coupling available as an accessory for installation on a guide bar enabling positiong/removal of the pump from outside the hole
  • Solid handling capacity 35mm for AP35B and 50mm AP50B
  • Easy service of the power cable and float

ONGA TankBuddy Submersible Pumps


This range of submersible pumps specifically designed for treated water pump-out chambers and rainwater harvesting is heavily based on the SMH range of multistage pumps, giving them the same reliability, efficiency and high performance. By using existing designs in an innovative way, Onga isable to offer a great submersiblepump for treated water at a low cost. Installed with the tank for silent operatioin it also reduces the possiblility of theft and tamper.


  • Treated water pump-out chambers (septic systems). Noise sensitive urban rainwater installations.

Davey D15VA, D25VA, D40VA Sump Pumps


Special Features

  • Double mechanical seals in oil bath (DV15VA has a single mechanical seal only) for superior reliability and long life
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners
  • Solids handling vortex design to pump light slurries and water containing soft solids in suspension
  • D15VA models feature a special recirculation port to keep soft solids agitated in sump, improving ability to pump away such solids.


  • Grey water pumping
  • Sump emptying
  • Septic effluent disposal
  • Water transfer
  • Pumping of light slurries and factory waste
Davey Sump Pumps

Submersible Application

Franklin Submersibles

Frankin Sub Drive QuickPak

SubDrive QuickPAK is Franklin's most popular system solution package, designed to make installing a constant pressure system even easier. 

Turn on 1 or 6 taps, the Subdrive monitors and automatically adjusts the pump speed to adjust the flow accordingly and keeps the pressure constant.

The package comes with a submersible motor, pump, and drive all in one package.


  • Motor, pump, and drive in one package
  • Selection based on flow requirement
  • System specific performance curve
  • 5-year warranty on QuickPAK components
Franklin SubDrive

What is Franklin Subdrive

SubDrive is Franklins constant pressure system. The SubDrive controller provides constant pressure by monitoring and adjusting the pump speed to meet water demands. 

The SubDrive also eliminates pressure cycling during long running applications.

The Franklin SubDrive delivers 60LPM @ 80 Metres.

SubDrive System

Grundfos Submersibles

Grundfos HILIFT - 6" Submersible Pump

The Hilift is a multi-purpose submersible pressure pump ideal for rainwater systems, treated grey water irrigation, operating sprinklers and pumping water from tanks.

Silent alternative to surface pumps
Environmentally safe, oil free
Ceramic shaft sleeve for long life
Built in thermal overload protection

Composite and stainless steel materials
Anti-debris stainless steel strainer
Supplies with 10M lead and plug, no return valve, float switch and a hose adapter for 3/4' and 1' thread or clamp version
1 x 240V, IP68 motor, Class B

300kpa 20LPM

Grundfos SPO - 5" Submersible Pump

The SPO pump is designed for water supply, drainage and pressure boosting in domestic homes and weekend cottages.

304 stainless steel hydraulic parts for a long life
Double mechanical shaft seal ensures trouble free operation
Easy to dismantle suction strainer allows cleaning if the strainer becomes clogged
Supplied with cable, plug and built in capacitor and quick installation guide which makes installation quick and easy

Stainless steel impellers, chambers and shaft
Single phase models with built in themal protection
Maximum liquid max 40C
Max pressure 10 Bar
Voltage 1 x 240V
''A: model supplied with float switch

Grundfos SPO 5" Submersible Pump

Grundfos SQN/SQEN 3" Submersible Borehole Pumps

The unique and compact design of the SQN/SQEN makes it suitable for a variety of applications including domestic water supply, ligt irrigation and pumping water for livestock

Borehole diameter 76mm minimum
Light weight for ease of installation
Built in dry protection
Constant pressure option

Stainless steel housing
Composite impellers and chambers
Built in non return valve

SQ pumps do not requiew either a starter or dry run protection. Submersion depth 150M and minimum 0.5m below the static level of the water.

Grundfos SQN/SQEN 3" Submersible Borehole Pumps

Onga Deep Well Pumps

Onga Dominator Submersible Pump 4 75/35

The Onga Dominator changes the rules for household pressure. Submerged in the tank or well, it is completely silent. It shares its pump components with the highly respected Sta-Rite Signature 2000 submersible borehole pump range. Coupled with Presscontrol, Dominator becomes a complete home pressure system.

Silent Household pressure system
Garden Irrigation
Water Transfer

Onga Dominator Pump

DW Range

The DW Range Dominator is the premium submersible pump for urban water applications. With its ground water origins the Dominator is designed for many years of reliable service in the urban environment. Coupled with the WaterSwitch it provides a premium automatic rainwater control system that will provide faultless protection.

Urban rainwater installations where absolute silence, high pressure and solid reliability are the key considerations.


  • High Efficiency moulded impellers
  • Stainless steel suction, shaft and casing
  • Supplied with 20m cable and 20m drop cord
  • Mechanical seal with oil chamber
  • Motor internally cooled*
* Maximum submergence 20 metres


  • Lower Running Costs, high performance
  • Corrosion resistance and tough
  • Ready to install and run
  • Highest quality motor protection
  • Can run partially submerged

Turbines Pumps

Tyco Flow Control

Aquanorth Pumping and Irrigation supplies Everflow Deep Well Multistage Line Shaft Turbine Pumps. Ever Flow turbine pumps is a series of pump bowls and impellers (depending on the head requirements) which are shaft driven from ground level by a choice of vertical shaft electric motor or right angle gear drive head powered by diesel, petrol engine or Electric VF drive.

Water is delivered to ground level via heavy duty column pipe connecting the pump to discharge head.

Available in a wide range of sizes and construction options these Australian Made Everflow Turbine Pumps provide the quality, performance and durability for reliable water supplies across a wide range of applications.


Electric motor drives

Use standard solid shaft flange mounted electric motors fitted to heavy duty thrust assembly incorporating non-reverse ratchet, heavy duty grease lubricated thrust bearing and flexible shaft coupling

Right Angle Gear Drives

Used for P.T.O. shaft diesel or petrol engine powered pumping applications and are available in a range of speed ratios and power ratings. Gearboxes are flange mounted on the thrust assembly will facilitate engineered drive lines.

Discharge Heads

Incorporating flanged outlet connection, water lubricated shaft packing glad and machined spigotted mounting flange for thrust assembly mounting.

Column and Shafting

Column pipe is mild steel with either screwed or flanged connections 1.5 or 3 metre sections depending on pump running speeds and bearing spacing requirements. Stainless steel drive shaft is supplied in 1.5 or 3 metre lengths with stainless steel couplings.

Shaft Bearings

Water lubricated spiral grooved neoprene rubber shaft bearings are supported by rigid bronze bearing spiders fitted at each column pipe coupling giving minimum spacing of either 1.5 or 3 metres over the entire drive shaft. Alternative bearings available request

Pump Stage Casings

Cast iron construction (optional of cast bronze) incorporating diffuser vanes and rigid shaft support bearings. These tandem bronze and neoprene rubber bearings combine to give accurate shaft support and abrasion resistance.


High efficiency cast bronze impellers are hydraulically and statically balance for vibration free operation. Tapered stainless steel collets guarantee positive locking of impellers to shaft.

Inlet Strainers

Choice of conical or basket type inlet strainers are available in heavy galvanised mild steel to suit installation type and water quality.

Everflow Turbine Pump